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Top quality vape shops are few and far between. Those living in Niagara Falls and Toronto are among the lucky ones. The finest in the industry have vape shops in both cities, and are able to provide the latest and most popular vaping devices on the market today. Come and meet our friendly and well educated staff and take advantage of our free testing station.

EGO Series

One of the most sought after e-cigs around, the EGO series, features a rugged build made from the highest quality materials. It’s simple to operate and is able to produce a robust vapour thanks to its clever design and above average battery capacity. This device is recommended for someone that smokes 12-15 traditional cigarettes per day.


This is the commonly seen type of electronic smoking device around. It’s small, portable and its use is intuitive. Additionally, this particular unit has dozens of aftermarket parts available that allow for easy customization. Best of all, a starter kit with everything required to get started with a 510-T can be purchased for less than 30 dollars.
Anyone not living near the well-stocked vape shops in Toronto or Niagara Falls aren’t out of luck. The proprietors also operate an online shop fully stocked with the best e-cigs, accessories and e-liquids available with free shipping in Canada. 
Ask questions, share knowledge and experience to earn Z points.



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